Südseetulpen (Operetta in two acts) (2012-14)

Libretto: Constantin von Castenstein

Commissioned by: Theatre Chemnitz

Publisher: Schott Music

WP: Chemnitz, 14.1.2017
Direction: Robert Lehmeier
Stage: Tom Musch
Conductor: Ekkehard Klemm

Main cast

Pandora/Das Glück (Mezzosoprano)

Lady Margaret Hamilton (Alto)

John Blunt (Tenor)

George Caswall (Baritone)

Sir Robert Harley/Peter Stuyvesant (Bass(baritone)

Additional parts

Der Zufall/Queen Anne/Mrs Hutchinson/Ms. Antje/Königin Amalie (Soprano)

Zollbeamter Smith/Sir Isaac Newton/Mr Woodgate/Mr. Koopman (Tenor)

Gouverneur Hamilton/John Gay/Biemoto/Prinzgemahl Frederik (Bariton)

Kapitän Bragwater/Georg Friedrich Händel/Real Estate broker van Wucheren (Bass)



Orchestra: (3-2-2-Bkl-Sax-2, 4-2-3-1, Hf, Pk, Schl (3-4), Klav, Str. (min. 10-8-6-6-4)

Duration: ca. 2 hrs.


What do we expect from an operetta? Sentimental melodies, rousing ensembles, a witty libretto and a love story. Is that all? By no means! Beneath the surface, the core of an operetta is subversion, with a degree of surreality and a yearning from the characters to somehow be different than they are. My Südseetulpen includes all of this and much more: a story based – in the tradition of the genre – on historical events, the topicality of which is revealed through sarcasm and satire. The work defies our expectations while upending the traditional gender roles commonly found in operettas of the past. My composition also demonstrates that contemporary sounds and daring musical theatrical approaches have their place in operettas as well.