nach Hause for 3 dancers and 3 instrumentalists (2010)

Choreographer: Martin Nachbar

Instrumentation: 3 dancers, 3 melodic instruments

Verlag: Schott Music

Dauer: 45-55′

Supported with funds by the Berlin Capital Cultural Fund and the Arts Endowment of the State of North Rhine-Westfalia

UA: October 7, 2010, Berlin (Sophiensaele)
Emma Wilson, Ehud Darash, Rodrigo Sobarzo, Dancers
(Sascha Friedl, Flutes – Theo Nabicht, Contrabass Clarinet/Soprano Saxophone – Nikolaus Schlierf, Viola)

Further Performances:

Oct 8, 2010, Berlin
Oct 9, 2010, Berlin
Oct 12, 2010, Berlin
Oct 13, 2010, Berlin
Mar 23, 2011, Düsseldorf (FFT)
Mar 25, 2011, Düsseldorf (FFT)
May 7, 2011, Essen (PACT Zollverein)


In 1897, the Swedish engineer Salomon Andrée attempted a flight from Spitzbergen to the North Pole in a hydrogen balloon. This project was doomed to failure: Andrée and his companions perished after the crash landing of the balloon and their subsequent months of progress on foot on the island of Kvitøya. The volatility of this type of expedition is combined with the intangibility of music and dance. Andrée’s balloon expedition has parallels with a core characteristic of dance: levitation, elevation and the attempt to overcome the force of gravity which however ultimately wins the upper hand. The title is an allusion to the final entry in one of the expedition’s logbooks: “nach Hause 7 Uhr morgens” [’going home at 7 o’ clock in the morning’]. nach Hause is based on the fundamental concept of a performance as an ’expedition’. The progress of the work appears as a cycle spanning all phases from the preparation right up to the ultimate failure of the expedition. The whole music score is based on improvisation and has been rehearsed in the same, mostly verbal, way as a choreographer is normally developing a dance theatre together with the performers.