maverick I [noise] for contrabass clarinet or bass clarinet (2008)

Duration: 9‘

Publisher: Schott Music

FP: August 24, 2008, Ahrenshoop (Theo Nabicht)

Further performances:

Dec 13, 2008, Ratzdorf, “Kajüte”
July 30, 2013, Bamberg
April 22, 2018, Tolstefanz
April 24, 2018, Berlin

Radio broadcast:

May 25, 2009, Nordwestradio (Radio Bremen), musica nova
Jan 26, 2011, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg

CD: edition zeitklang (Theo Nabicht)


maverick I [noise] is the first piece in a five-part series of solo compositions for contrabass instruments. North American cattlemen called animals without brands ‚maverick‘; later, the term became a metaphor for all kinds of loners, outsiders and runaways. The subtitle refers to many noisy elements – from extremely soft air noise to distorted multiphonics – that pervade the work. The piece is, however, not monochrome noisy – in fact, from the blasting beginning develops by degrees a broader gesture. Elementary textures – multiphonics, repetitions, rigid sustained notes – are varied and partly merged; mechanically circulating short motifs come to the fore towards the ending. Rigorous cuts and harsh sounds remain formative for the uncompromising character of the piece that only in the end is being slightly attenuated.