Für Fagott, Violoncell und Pianoforte (1996)

I. Nausea
II. Nenia

Instrumentation: Bassoon, Cello, Piano

Duration: ca. 13′ (I. ca. 8′, II. ca. 5′)

Publisher: Schott Music

FP: May 23, 1996, Dresden (Thomas Eberhardt, Juliane Gilbert, Benjamin Schweitzer)

Further performances:

July 2, 1997, Detmold
June 22, 1998, Teplice (Czech premiere)
June 24, 1998, Dresden
Jan 29, 1999, Leipzig


Nausea (lat., seasickness, disgust, evil) – Nenia (greek/lat., folksong, elegy, magical song): Two similar sounding terms, which offer, based on their ambiguity, lots of space to musical associations. These subtitles illustrate the intention to bring musical gestures of anger on the one, mourning and desperation on the other hand together as close as possible. Drudgingly piled-up blocks of sound, frazzles of melodies, circulating crumbles of motives, isolated notes…. Nevertheless, in the end we can still hear a stretched, drifty relict of chant.