entschlackt [Piece in Two Parts] for Oboe, Trumpet, Cello and Piano (2006-07)

Duration: ca. 10‘

Commissioned by the City of Munich for the KLANGSPUREN PLUS concert series of the Munich Biennale

Publisher: Schott Music

FP: April 18, 2007, Munich
(Stefan Schilli, Ob – Luis Groß, Trp – Mathis Mayr, Vc – Siegfried Mauser, Pno)

Further performances:

Nov 26, 2010, Berlin (Konzerthaus)
Dec 3, 2011, Dresden



entschlackt [Piece in Two Parts] resulted from an attempt to write music that is clear, precise and concentrated without being superficially ‚simple‘. The ,purged’or ‚cleansed‘ character of the piece is noticeable in its sound – using a combination of instruments that produces rather distinct colours – as well as in its form. Each possible combination of the four instruments from solo to quartet is arrayed in short sections (except for a few overlapping passages). The two movements are quite asymmetrical: the first one’s character is almost thoroughly expectant and preparative; however, the second, flashing by quite rapidly, does not provide an ‚adequate‘ continuation.
The addition „Piece in Two Parts“ in the title, the line-up, the bipartite form and also certain musical details imply a reference to the later works of Stefan Wolpe.