Camaieu for Alto Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Horn and Percussion (2009)

Duration: ca. 12-13‘

Publisher: Schott Music (in preparation)

Commissioned by Spektrum Villa Musica/New Music Network, a project of the German Federal Endowment for the Arts

WP: May 8, 2010 Herrenhaus Edenkoben
Ensemble Interface, cond.: Scott Voyles

Further performances:

May 7, 2010, Montabaur (preliminary performance)
May 9, 2010, Villa Musica Mainz


A camaieu is a painting that uses only the tints of one single colour. My piece could be described as a „monochromatic“ composition: the instrumentation does not contain many contrasts, but is employed using finest shades. Avoiding extremes, the middle register is being thoroughly explored. Textures, tempo and dynamics mostly remain within a rather reduced framework. The second movement is based on the same sounds and pitches of the first, only somewhat simplified, thinned out and tinted slightly brighter. An analogy in painting could be found in Mark Rothko’s dyadic monochrome colourfields.