for any wind instrument, any string instrument and one percussionist

Publisher: Ms.

Duration: ca. 7′-ca. 14′

Difficulty: requires ability to work with graphic composition. Also in frequent use for improvisation lectures at music conservatories

FP: September 11, 1998, Dresden (Malte Burba, Trumpet, Johannes Prappacher, Viola, Albrecht Riermeier, Percussion)

Further Performances:
Mar 18, 2000, Dresden
Apr 19, 2000, Dresden
Sep 6, 2001, Trossingen
Sep 7, 2001, Calw
Jun 4, 2003, Rostock


Palimpsest II is part of a cycle of aleatoric and improvisatory compositions, dealing with the term of ‘palimpsests’ (fragmentarily bequeathed texts). This work strongly underlies a reduction of material: four types of actions (impulse, series of impulses, slurred note, line) are being combined in different dynamics and frequencies on seven sheets of paper. For each page’s performance, there is a determined total period of time. Order and choice of the pages are almost totally free to the performers.