before I sleep for chamber ensemble (2014)

Kanten. Konturen for Clarinet and Accordion (2018)

Drift I [The Elements in Review] for Violoncello (2017)

Südseetulpen (Operetta in two acts) (2012-15)

volapük (version for large orchestra) (2011-12)

Menschen am Sonntag (Music for the silent movie by Robert Siodmak) (2016)

Sonett for mixed choir and solo bassoon (2012-13)

String Quartet [A Portrait of the Artist as an Old Man in a Three-Piece Suit] (2015)

volapük (version for reduced orchestra) (2011-12)

Brummen. Kreiseln for accordion with choral top (2011)

nach Hause for 3 dancers and 3 instrumentalists

vergehn wie Rauch for choir and optional brass quartet (2010-11)

Blindflug for Orchestra with Solo Trautonium (2009/10)

Landscape With Deserted House for Bass Flute, Bass Clarinet, Harp, Percussion and Piano (2010)

Camaieu for Alto Flute, Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Horn and Percussion (2009)

maverick II [murmuring] for bass flute (2009)

hidden tracks for accordion (2008-09)

maverick I [noise] for contrabass clarinet or bass clarinet (2008)

dull roots & spring rain for woodwind trio (2008)

holzschnitt for 14 strings (2008)

Sumpfgesang for flute, baritone saxophone and string trio (2007)

achteinhalb for ensemble (without percussion) (2007)

entschlackt [Piece in Two Parts] for Oboe, Trumpet, Cello and Piano (2006-07)

Klar/Obskur for oboe, bassoon and piano (2006)

Anfänge/Netze (Malbork II) for flute, clarinet, string trio and piano (2006)

Introduktion und Lichtspielszene (1999, rev. 2005-06)

A Minor Blues (Rue du Sentier, 1778) for piano (2005)

Abgesang (Dafne-Fragment) for mezzosoprano, violin, viola and percussion (2005)

Dafne (Tragikomödie in einem Akt) (2005)

Drohungen for Clarinet/Bass Clarinet, Violin and Cello (2004)

flekkicht for baroque orchestra (2004)

anordnen/verschieben (A Chamber Ballet) (2004)

Zeitlupen (A Little Collage on Football) for baritone and piano (2003)

Malbork I for flute, clarinet, string trio and piano (2002/03)

Informationen über Bartleby – Short Opera in 11 Stages (2003)

Pop Goes the Weasel for Violin Solo (2002)

Pits & Pendulums for bassoon and tape (2002)

Schärfe. Schatten for woodwind quintet and piano (2001/02, rev. 2008)

spätes Früh for three baritones and ensemble (2001)

unplugged. unperfumed for chamber ensemble (2001)

Sonatine for Violoncello Solo (2000)

Kesä ja talvi (Summer and Winter) for baritone and piano (2000/2001)

Jakob von Gunten (1996-1998)

Karhunlaulu (Bärenlied) for cello duo (1999)

Studies on Pits & Pendulums for two-channel tape (1999)

Palimpsest for piano solo (1998, rev. 1999)

Palimpsest II (1998)

Am Wegesrand for Violoncello Solo (1998)

Marraskuu (November) for Violin, Cello and Piano (1998, rev. 2004)

Tractus for two-channel tape (1997)

Douze Regards sur le Rouge et le Noir for two pianos (1996/97)

Und ging for baritone, narrator, violin, horn and percussion (1997)

Für Fagott, Violoncell und Pianoforte (1996)

String Quartet (Labyrinth, wenn man darin ist) (1995)

Décontenance – Konzert für Klavier und Kammerorchester (1994/95)

Prospero for Violin and Piano (1994)

Danse macabre for string orchestra and percussion (1993/94)

O Zorn for flute, piano and percussion (1991, rev. 2001)

An Zimmern for Baritone, Flute and Piano (1990, rev. 2007)