Publisher: Hubert Hoche Musikverlag

Duration: ca. 9′

FP: October 12, 1998, Leipzig (Juliane Gilbert)

Further performances:

Dec 11, 1999, Dresden
May 13, 2000, Dresden
Sept 15, 2001, Annaberg
Sept 19, 2001, Frankfurt/Main
Nov 21, 2003, Berlin
July 20, 2005, Würzburg
Jan 30, 2009, Dresden

Radio broadcast:

SFB 18.3.02, MDR 3.4.03


Am Wegesrand belongs to a group of compositions dealing with the works of the Swiss writer Robert Walser – not directly, but in an indirect reflection of his very individualistic language and his poetic topoi. The work creates an atmosphere of indefiniteness and lightness, at the beginning close to complete inaudibility. Behind the superficially relaxed character of the piece lies a highly refined inner structure, which is an analogy to Walser’s literary style.